From the Author
To nourish those around us, to grow healthy high performing people, you must be obsessively for them, and never for yourself, and must be both intentional and incredibly liberal in heaping TIME, VISION and ENCOURAGEMENT into their lives. "
-Mark Tilsher

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Coming Fall 2022

"PLANTS grow towards sunlight, 
PEOPLE grow towards vision. 
It’s that SIMPLE."
               ---Mark Tilsher 

My life’s mission is to bridge the gap between head knowledge and practical application in a way that you can both learn and pass on, starting your own leadership legacy in the process. 

With this book, I will attempt to tackle one of the most critical challenges a leader will ever face: how to grow healthy, high-performing people and how to do our part in pulling them back when they are spiraling toward rock bottom.

My sincere hope is that this book will irreversibly change at least one person’s life and possibly even save one.

"The good news is you can grow your influence and impact on people. The bad news is that it doesn't happen overnight, and it isn't easy." 
--The Leaders Garden